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For Over 40 Years…Commercial Marine Electronics has been on the front lines of marine electronics sales, support and installation for South Florida’s Yachts and Sport Fishing boats.  CME has experience in every facet of the marine electronics industry: Communications, Entertainment, Navigation, Systems Design and Integration, Repair, Installation, and Commissioning of New Equipment. Offering cutting edge technology, prompt and courteous service and unrivaled experience and knowledge of electronics, Commercial Marine Electronics can take care of all of your electronic needs, so you can focus on spending more time out on the water.

No Salesmen, No Problems

Commercial Marine Electronics does not employ any salesmen – commissioned or otherwise.  When you contact the company you will likely first be in contact with a bench tech, field technician or installer.  The no salesman approach means that the person specifying and quoting equipment will likely be the individual that will install, repair, or verify proper operation with no commision driven decisions. We offer full service sales and installation of new equipment and repair of existing equipment – most makes and models.

Our Services

Bench Testing & Repairs

Electronics have become an essential part of boating over the last 20 years. From stereos and satellite TV, to chartplotters and radars. They keep us safer, they entertain our guests. Commercial Marine Electronics can keep your older equipment working like new.

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Don’t Throw Money Away

In the modern world, most consumer items are “disposable”. Many major manufacturers only support their products for 5 years or less. With the average price of a new display being well into the $2000-$5000 range, let us service what you have before you replace it.

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What could be better than being out on the boat and watching the big game with your friends & loved ones? Not much. Make sure your boat is ready to entertain. Contact us today to get a quote for your new KVH Satellite TV system. We also have many used systems available.

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Service and Repair of Existing Equipment

Commercial Marine Electronics has an extensive repair parts inventory and extensive test equipment. Most customer equipment is repaired in house and not returned to the manufacturer. Because of rapid technological advances, manufacturers often have difficulty or lack of incentive to support older equipment (some as new as 3 years old) If the customer would like to repair existing equipment rather than replace it, Commercial Marine will attempt economic repair using parts available (some new, some used) to make the equipment serviceable again (results vary depending upon manufacturer and model).

What Our Customers Say

“These guys have been great to me! I have an older System that the manufacturer is not enthusiastic about supporting. These guys have helped me out with information, testing and even good used parts to keep me going without breaking the bank. This company will be my first choice going forward.”

- Charlie C.

“Excellent customer service. Took the time to work with me on my electronics needs. Items purchased were packed perfect and my items arrived on time and in perfect working order. I would highly recommend them.”

- Lou H.

“They go above and beyond to accommodate your needs. Work is always done correctly. We had a display that was not working properly and the owner provided us with a temporary display while my display was being fixed so I was able to go on my trip. Excellent customer service!”

- Tammie V.

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