Furuno Navnet Repairs RDP-139 & RDP-149 VX2

Furuno Navnet Repairs RDP-139 & RDP-149 VX2

Furuno Navnet and Navnet VX2 Repairs

The Furuno Navnet and Navnet VX2 were wildly popular and successful Multi-Function displays, though they aren’t without their issues.  Available in 3 different configurations, 7″, 10.4″ and the Black Box processor, these units have several different common failures.

  • Burnt or Bad LCD

  • Bad Backlight Inverter

  • Bad Trackball

  • Bad Chart Card Reader

Bad or Burnt LCD for Furuno Navnet and Navnet VX2

This is likely the most common problem we see with these machines.  The LCD’s go bad.  They either develop a shadow in the center of the screen that gradually grows outward until it becomes impossible to see the display, or the LCD develops weird grooves, textures, and lines in it over time.  The remedy for both of these problems is simply replacing the LCD.  This is a relatively quick fix, as long as there are no complications.

Bad Backlight Inverter

The backlight inverter on the Furuno Navnet and Navnet VX2 does go out from time to time.  If the unit powers on and beeps when you press buttons, but you are unable to see the LCD, there is a good chance that the backlight inverter is out (assuming you just dont have the brightness turned all the way down) .

To fix this, we typically just replace the backlight inverter circuitry with a new or refurbished backlight, and check the rest of the internals as well as the CCFL assembly to ensure that it isn’t a symptom of a larger problem.  This repair is also quick, and relatively cheap.

Bad Trackball

The trackball on the Furuno Navnet and Furuno Navnet VX2 is essentially your mouse for using the device.  As you may recall with all mice, before they went to optical mice, the trackball needed to be cleaned once in a while.  This is no different on your Furuno unit.  The trackball needs to be cleaned from time to time due to salt air, moisture, dirt and grime that builds up on the ball its self.  Although this sounds like a simple task you should be able to do yourself, we would urge you to allow a professional do this for you as there are very sensitive and expensive parts involved.

If it is not a cleaning, the trackball may have some other damage to it, and the entire trackball assy must be replaced.

Bad Chart Card Reader

If your Furuno Navnet or Furuno Navnet VX2 is no longer reading charts, there is a chance that your chart card reader may have failed.  It is also possible, and less likely, that your actual chart card is bad.  We would suggest trying the chart card in another unit if you have one, to confirm whether or not is the chart card.  If it is not the chart card, then the chart reader is likely to blame.  The Card reader can be replaced to remedy the issue.  Occasionally the chart reader is not to blame, and it is in fact the Main PCB of the unit that causes it to fail.  If that is the case, the Main PCB will be replaced.

Please contact us if you have any questions about pricing or other issues with your Furuno Navnet or Furuno Navnet VX2 machine and we will be more than happy to assist you in getting your unit repaired.

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