Raymarine E120 (E-Series Classic) Backlight Replacement

Raymarine E120 (E-Series Classic) Backlight Replacement

Raymarine E120 Classic Backlight Inverter Failure

Raymarine E120 Classic, and E-Series Classic devices are wildly popular equipment on boats.  Its probably Raymarine’s most popular product of all time.  Unfortunately they have a component that has a very high rate of failure:  The LCD Backlight Inverter.

Sometimes what seems like a bad backlight is actually just the units brightness turned all the way down, or the unit was mistakenly put into night mode.  Additionally, we have seen that if the units supply voltage drops from 12vdc to around 9vdc, the backlight will turn off or work intermittently.

Every Unit Will Fail Eventually

Its really just a matter of time.  Every Raymarine E120 will have a backlight failure at one point or another.   The problem lies in the step up transformers.  They go bad, and then are unable to generate the proper high voltage that is needed to run the CCFL, backlighting the LCD.

The Bad

Raymarine does not sell, make, stock, carry, support or want anything to do with E120 Classic MFDs, their backlight inverters, or any other part for them.  They wont touch them.  Additionally, Raymarine will no longer perform this repair themselves.

The Good

We can replace the Transformers and some other board level components typically associated with with them.  We purchase the transformers from a local company that has re-engineered them to spec, and they perform wonderfully.  We have had nothing but success using these transformers to repair the E120 Classic Backlight problem.  The repair typically has a 24-36 hr turnaround time meaning if you bring it to us on a Monday, we can usually have it ready for pick up on Tuesday.

          Bad Backlight/Failing Backlight                                                    Repaired Backlight



Contact Commercial Marine Electronics today to enquire about this repair and other repair services for the Raymarine E120 Classic Series MFD.

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